Affiliate programs – A short review

If you own a website that gets a decent number of unique visitors, now would be a good time to consider partnering with some of the excellent affiliate programs out there.  In brief, affiliate program websites are those that you can sign up with and then display the  text links, banners and widgets provided by them on your website/s. When visitors on your website click on these links and eventually make a purchase, you get a percentage of the sale amount  added to your affiliate account (depending on the type of program; it can also be a pay-per-click one where you get paid for every click regardless of the sale).

Not only do you stand a chance of making some money, it is also possible for you to make good  use of some of the links/feeds from these programs to generate updated content for your website.

We’ve tried many affiliate programs and find the following to be amongst the best:


LinkShare is perhaps one of the biggest and the most reliable affiliate networks available.  Many big  brands like Apple, Microsoft and have selected linkShare to run their affiliate programs for them. 

The advantages of linkShare include a  quick sign up procedure and a relatively easy approval by most of the brands associated with them (provided your website meets the basic terms and conditions).

Most of the programs on linkShare have a decent number of ‘return days’ which basically means that even if the visitor from your website makes a purchase after a couple of days of his first click to the merchant, you still qualify for the commission – even if he visits the merchant directly the next time and not through your website (the cookies get tracked).

Click here to affiliate with LinkShare.

Apple iTunes and Appstore have some really good RSS feeds that can be added to your website and help keep your website updated with the latest music/apps and books. Apart from Apple, there are hundreds of other high quality merchants from almost every niche and category possible that can be affiliated with.

Amazon associates

Amazon is another major player when it comes to affiliate programs. Innumerable products exist on and each one can be converted into a link and displayed on your website. Amazon also has a lot of options when it comes to the type of  links and include lots of  nice banners, innovative widgets and text links. Although personally we did not get a great response from amazon associate links and the clicks seemed to be relatively lesser than our other affiliate programs, we do know that it works out very well for many. If nothing else it can add decent updated content to your website as well. is an affiliate program that we’ve recently partnered with. They too are associated with a decent number of quality brands and we found that they seem to be relatively more careful of the websites that they approve for affiliation. Some big names like are  associated with Though we have limited experience with them till now, reviews from other leading websites and users indicate that shareasale are a high quality and reliable affiliate program to partner with. is one more popular and a slightly different kind of affiliate program. With Clickbank almost anyone can list their individual products for sale and affiliates can decide to select the links of the products they think have maximum potential. The links can then be displayed on their website. From our experience we’ve noticed that with Clickbank,usually the best results are attained if detailed and well described reviews of a popular product are posted on the website along with the link to the specific product.

So depending upon the kind of website you own, it would be a good idea to consider partnering and applying  for one or more of the available affiliate programs and start reaping the benefits!