Apple enters the cloud war – acquires for 4.5 million

It’s a cloud revolution. Almost every big tech corporation is rushing towards developing their own cloud related technology.

Very recently Amazon announced its ’clouddrive’ service which enables users to upload their personal media including photos,  music and other data onto it’s online cloud servers. These media files can then can be accessed across platforms that range from desktops and tablets to mobile phones.

Though being amongst the pioneers in launching cloud-based services, Amazon has already had to face some setbacks in the form of outages and potential security issues. With time and  improvement in technology these problems can be expected to be sorted out and taken care of.

Long before Amazon’s cloud announcement, Microsoft had already incorporated cloud technology as part of their services and seem to be heavily banking on it.

Apple too has been working on its own cloud technology and very recent news reports suggest that it has acquired the domain name for an astounding  $4.5 million!  The previous owners of have shifted over to a new web address –  and continue to provide their services from there.  

News reports also suggest that Apple is almost ready with its cloud services and is soon to unveil them.   It can be expected that with the announcement of these services, sharing media between all your apple gadgets and iTunes would soon be a breeze.

From a domain name point of view, cloud domains which were already hot from quite some time now, have become an even bigger rage after this recent news of Apples latest acquisition. It is already very difficult to get your hands on good cloud related domains.

Cloud-gaming  is another  emerging technology related to cloud computing and  has a  huge potential and a bright future. Cloud-gaming essentially allows you to play your favourite games from most of the devices without the hassle of installing them  and carrying them around with you. 

In the future, as the cloud becomes a standard feature of our technology and increases to share the load from our computers, it can be expected that we would be able to design our future devices to be much lighter, faster and sleeker machines .

More information related to cloud computing, its basics –  including  a detailed history and technical aspects is explained very well in this article on Wikipedia.